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How do I delete customers from my youGROW customer folder in Outlook?

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Feb 27th 2006, 08:15 AM youGROW for MYOB Retail Manager

Ideally, you should never delete customers.  You should mark them as inactive in MYOB RetailManager, then they will not be synchronised across.  (By marking them as inactive, they will not show up in any searches in RetailManager, but you will retain the sales history.)

However, if you mark customers as inactive after you have performed the first synchronisation, then they will remain in your Outlook contacts folder.  You have a number of options:

  1. Delete all of the Contacts in your youGROW Outlook folder, and then synchronise again - only the inactive customers will be brought across.
  2. If you have added notes or other information in your youGROW Outlook folder, and don't want to lose this information by deleting all of your contacts, then find the customers in your youGROW folder that you wish to delete, and delete them individually.  They will not appear again when next you synchronise, providing they have been marked as "Inactive" in Retail Manager.
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