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youGROW for QuickBooks

We are currently finalising documentation for our QuickBooks release.  In addition to all our standard accounting information, you can also preapre Invoices, Quotes and Sales Orders directly from your youGROW contact!

youGROW for MYOB Retail Manager

The unique CRM product for retailers using MYOB RetailManager.  Synchronises all of your customer contact and sales information you already have stored in RetailManager to a customised Outlook Contacts form.  No need to double-enter information - no need to maintain two or more separate databases.  And if you use Australia Post's eParcel delivery service, you don't even have to re-enter contact details!  Easy!

youGROW Universal for MYOB Accounting

Our latest release for users of MYOB Accounting software, has received an amazing response.  We take all customer contact and sales information directly from the data you already have entered in your MYOB Accounting software - no more double entry for MYOB users.  We include all of the custom lists and custom fields, and work with you to get youGROW and your MYOB Accounting system working together to achieve a level of CRM sophistication not available in any other CRM product.  See our detailed brochure at the bottom of this Products page - youGROW Universal.

youGROW for EzyWine

Wineries using the extensive EzyWine management system, have previously had no means of accessing customer contact and sales data.  youGROW now interfaces with the EzyWine Cellar Door and Retail Sales modules.  Within minutes of installation and synchronisation, a winery will have access to all of their customer details in Microsoft Outlook. 

Say Robert Parker has just awarded one of your wines 94 points!  With our interface for EzyWine, you can easily find everyone who has bought that particular wine from you before, and send them a personalised letter or email with a link to the review, and an order form.  You could also find everyone who hasn't bought that wine, and send them a personal communication " Hi Cathy, I know you haven't bought this particular wine from us before, but you might like to read the review ..."etc. 

youGROW where no Point of Sale or accounting system currently exists

If your business currently does not support a specialised Point of Sale or Accounting system which can be interfaced, we provide onsite, specialist CRM training using Microsoft Outlook.  Current clients include:

youGROW for Other Databases

If your business uses another database system not listed here, we are able to use our specialist knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, and our experience with the interfaces we have already built, to custom design your own system.  This has strong advantages:

  • The cost will be cheaper than other CRM alternatives.
  • The CRM system your people will use is Microsoft Outlook - an interface they are already familiar with using.  User resistance is minimal, and adoption is immediate following training.

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