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Please find below a listing of available resources for resellers.

What can MS Outlook do for your business? Download

There is so much more to Microsoft Outlook than sending and receiving emails, and using your Calendar.

Using Outlook Voting Buttons Download
A great little-known feature in Outlook to use with your staff

Using Outlook Templates Download

Templates are just one of the many features of Outlook - out of the box functionality you can use to make your life easier. They are easy to create and use

Version 2.7.030 Download
We have some exciting new features aorund SMS sending

Version 2.7.024 Download
Refer to the attached for how to associate the youGROW form to your folder/s

What you receive for your youGROW Annual Support Download
In addition to upgrades released by youGROW throughout each year, you also receive unlimited phone and email support for any technical issue.  (Except from those issues normally handled by your IT firm, such as migrating to a new Exchange server.)

Wishlist of Changes submitted to MYOB for RM Download
This is what we have put to MYOB - they did not commit to any changes, but said "they have taken on board".  We can only try!

Using the "Bounced Email" Feature in youGROW Download
We are really pleased with this feature - saves so much time and gives you intelligent sales data to help you to manage your database and keep it up to date

Adding an attachment to a mail merge to email Download

There are times when you really need to add an attachment, rather than simply making a public link on your website.  This article tells you how.

Wines by Design Winery Offering Download
I have put this on our website for our winery clients to have a look at.  Produced by a lovely client of ours - Wines by Design

Using youGROW to Manage your Debtors Download
This document shows how you can use youGROW to speed up payments from your customers - managing cash flow is a must!

Understanding Your Customer Database Download
There is a lot you can find out about your customer database using youGROW, and running the right filters.  Want to know how many new customers you gained each year? How many have only bought once? Who has not bought from you for a period of time?  Have a look at the attached spreadsheet and let us know if you would like some help in getting to know your customers better

An example of how NOT to "do CRM" Download
We have sent this out to all of our clients to ask their critique on what is wrong with this as an "email communication".  Can you spot the issues and win a 90 minute CRM consultation?

youGROW Diagnostic Tool Download
For use in conjunction with youGROW Support

Keeping Track of your youGROW Campaigns Download

Best practice in CRM and indeed any marketing, is to monitor your campaigns and continually refine and improve.  Use this spreadhseet as a template to monitor and track your own campaigns - with everything you need all in the one handy place

Current Research on One to One Marketing Download
This is invaluable research from The Aberdeen Group which shows what customers actually think about email marketing from businesses. If you do not make your emails personal and relevant, what you send out will be a waste of time and resources

Adding New Contacts into youGROW Download

youGROW can manage not only your existing customer contacts already held within MYOB, QuickBooks, Ostendo or RetailManager, but also additional contacts from the same company, and new leads.  This document explains the 3 methods only to use to make use of these features

Manual Registration Tool Download
For use when a firewall may be blocking your registration of youGROW

RM Password Download

youGROW QuickBooks Fields Download
youGROW QuickBooks fields

Summary of usual default views for youGROW Users Download
Views are a powerful way to manage your customers in youGROW.  This document itemises some of the most popular initial views, together with suggestions on how to use these views to determine your CRM strategies

Copy Outlook View Settings to another folder - Outlook 2003 Download
Use this programme to copy view from one Outlook 2003 folder to another

April 2010 Upgrade Instructions for existing users Download
Please follow these instructions to install and use your Aoril 2010 release

Copy Outlook View Settings to another folder - Outlook 2007 Download
Use this tool to copy your View settings to a new Outlook contact folder for Outlook 2007 users

youGROW Preinstall Checklist for MYOB Accounting - Word 2003 Download
Our Word Form Document for Office 2003 users

Using Microsoft Word for HTML Newsletters Download
Microsoft Word is tricky to use for your standard html newsletters - you really need to know what you are doing.  However, it can be done.  One of our clients has spent some time working out the requirements and has offered his services at minimal cost to set up newsletter templates for our clients.  Have a look at what he has prepared for himnself, and contact us if you would like something similar set up for your own use.

Australia Post Account Application Download
Complete and lodge at your local Australia Post office to open your account for your Aust Post Reply Paid account

Australia Post Reply Paid Application Download
Complete and take to your local Post office to generate your reply paid artwork

The Reply Paid Letter Format Download
Download this document to see how the letter and reply paid service works, and why our clients receive response rates of between 25-75%.

Reply Paid Mail Service Download
This is an excellent service to use to update your database, and make that first one on one contact with your customers

CRM for Tough Times Download

I came across this article, and could not have expressed it better.  We do NOT need to discount our products and services to achieve sales from our good customers.  What we do need to be able to do, is to differentiate between our good customers, and those who are inactive, and treat them differently.  Of course, if you are using youGROW, you can easily do this.

Creating and Using Outlook Templates Download
Outlook templates are a great time saving tool, for when you use the same or similar emails to send on a one on one basis, and you don;'t want to have to rekey each time.  You can include attachments, hyperlinks, and of course all of your test, and just personalise as you need.  You could use for sales enqiruies, order processing, standard tasks - a myriad of things in your day to day business life.  The attached instructions tell you how to create and use these.

What is Microsoft Exchange? Download
We receive a lot of enquiries about Microsoft Exchange - what it is and what benefits there are, as it is really the only effective tool to share Outlook folders.  We have put together this very brief overview of what we believe are the key benefits from an Outlook and youGROW perspective.

youGROW Error Messages Download
This document lists all known error messages for youGROW, together with their resolution.  Please note that these errors are not "bugs" within youGROW - they are indicative of incorrect setup, permissions and ODBC errors

Emotional Buying Influences at Cellar Door Download
This study was a theses submitted by a Doctor Of Philosphy student, studying the effect of feelings of "gratitude and obligation", on visitor's purchasing behaviour whilst tasting at a Cellar Door. Whilst a long academic document, the findings have strong repercussions for wineries who want to maximise their Cellar Door sales, and build subsequent loyalty.

Cleaning up RetailManager Database Download

Bad data in, bad data out! If you are using RetailManager, follow these instructions to clean up your existing data - we've included some handy tips for standardising information in Excel.

To POS or not to POS Download

Are you thinking about implementing a Point of Sale system, and not sure what benefits you would actually achieve? We have had this question so many times over the years, we put together this paper explaining in a generic sense, what a Point of Sales system could do for your business.  We then explain the benefits of MYOB's RetailManager

youGROW Vs RetailManager Download

An overview of the key differences in functionality between youGROW CRM, and the "CRM" features of MYOB's RetailManager

Top 10 Tips for Businesses and their Database Download

Use this as a general guide for a business to implement their database and source systems

MYOB ODBC Drivers Version 6 Download Download

For use with Accounting 16, Premier 10, and Enterprise 3

Restoring Backup in MYOB RetailManager Download

Please use these instructions if you have trouble importing your cleaned up data from Excel.

Adding a Folder to short cuts Word menu Download

Use these instructions to add a folder to your Word short cuts.  This is very handy when you are having to always use particular folders, it saves the time finding them.

Conventions for Handling Bounced Emails Download

Bounced emails are a fact of life. These instructions make it easy to manage your bounced emails, by creating a custom view of those clients you may wish to contact to update their email addresses. With youGROW, you can see at a glance what each bounced email customer has purchased from you previously to enable you to make a decision as to whether the time taken to contact them, would be worthwhile.

Advanced Filtering using SQL Tab in youGROW Download

When your clients wish to exclude more than one criteria, we need to use the SQL Tab for filtering this - please familiarise yourself with the attached instructions, and forward to your clients.

Creating a Signature in MS Outlook Download

Use these instructions to create a signature in MS Outlook with a picture or logo.

Using Custom Lists & Fields in MYOB Accounting for CRM Download

We wrote this together with Veechi Curtis - best selling author of "Making the Most of Your MYOB Business Software", and a number of other MYOB publications.

Setting youGROW to synchronise automatically Download

Use these instructions to set you yourGROW programme to Synchronise youGROW daily or weekly as you require.  Particularly useful when your computer is slow, or you have thousands of customers.

The easy way to Print Labels Download

Please follow the attached instructions for the easiest was to print labels.

Cleaning up MYOB Accounting Database Download

ALWAYS send this to your clients prior to installation.

Conventions for entering contact infomation Download

This document should be sent to clients once they have agreed to go ahead with youGROW - it explains how to enter first names, last names states etc consistently, so that mail merges work effectively.

Setting up Initial Views in youGROW Download

Use these instructions to setup the standard initial views for youGROW. Some clients will want additional views added, these are the standard 3 views which all clients will use.

What the Heck is CRM? Download

What the Heck is CRM is a paper written by Cathy Allington about the theory of CRM.

Pre youGROW Installation Checklist for MYOB RetailManager Download

Please check prior to installation youGROW.

Pre youGROW Installation Checklist for MYOB Accounting Download

Please check prior to Installation youGROW.

youGROW Training Checklist Download

To protect yourself as the trainer, and to ensure you have covered the necessary topics with your user, please always have your client complete and sign this checklist on completion of training.  This is compulsory for all youGROW training.

Fields MYOB Accounting Download

Fields brought across from MYOB Accounting into youGROW.

Fields MYOB RetailManager Download

Fields brought across from MYOB RetailManager into youGROW.

Cleaning up MYOB Retail Manager Database Download

ALWAYS email these instructions once a client/prospect has agreed, and before you install and train.  It's an essential step in having your client take owenership of the quality of their database, and in turn, how effective youGROW will be for them

Pre YouGrow Installation Checklist for RM - New Zealand Download

Includes technical specs - ALWAYS send this to your clients once they have accepted your proposal for youGROW, and before you install.  Makes your life much easier!

Pre youGROW Installation Checklist - Retail Manager Download

ALWAYS send this to your prospects after they have agreed to install youGROW - it makes our life a lot easier

youGROW Universal Sales Brochure Download

For our accounting interface

youGROW Wine Sales Brochure Download

For the wine industry

Getting the Most from your MYOB Accounting Software & youGROW Download

We have worked with Veechi Curtis, author of "Making the Most of Your MYOB Business Software", to assist MYOB users with ideas and suggestions on how to use MYOB better.  Use it to promote youGROW's benefits. 

Cleaning up an Excel database file Download

Use these instructions to send to a new client to help them clen up their existing database from MYOB in Excel, prior to installing youGROW

Wine Business Monthly 10 Tips Article Download

The attached article appears in the November issue of Wine Business Monthly - use it to influence crebibility and leads with your winery prospects