CRM Readiness

CRM Statistics

“It’s no secret that among the five biggest types of business applications, CRM software has the highest failure rate … by a landslide.

The analyst firms report that 30-50%+ of all CRM deployments fail to achieve their objectives or fail outright. Research also shows the larger the effort the more likely the failure.”

(Source: Customer Think, February 2017)

We’ve been around the CRM field for a long time. Implementing CRM can be fraught with traps for the unwary. We have seen too many instances where people/businesses have been sold a CRM software system without the supplier actually looking at the client's  needs and sourcing the best solution.

Unfortunately, too many CRM vendors are just that. They are vendors of a particular CRM software system. 

If youGROW™ doesn’t suit you, and we will soon tell you if it doesn’t, we can help you with finding the best system to suit you.

We can assist with:

  • Defining your actual needs, based on the systems you currently use.
  • Investigate what software integration is required in your existing framework, keeping in mind the potential for future growth and changes.
  • Determine which features you actually need and which ones will add value to your business.
  • Reviewing the shortlist of vendors to ensure your needs will actually be met. As we understand CRM, we know how to sort the sales spiel from the facts. We also understand the terminology and won’t be bogged down by acronyms and other terms used to bamboozle people.
  • Getting your Data and Lists right. Particularly in CRM, it really is a case of bad data in, useless information out.
    • How many lists do you currently have?
    • Which ones do you need?
    • Are they in a standard format ready for import, without duplicates?
    • Where do you draw the line in the sand?
  • Ensuring the platform is something your people will actually use. So many times, CRM fails because staff won’t use it. There is no perceived benefit to them or it is just too hard.

We’ve been around lists and data since forever. We love nothing better than great, clean data.

We can help ensure your CRM journey is a productive one and in the 50-70% of CRM Implementations which are successful.