youGROW™ - CRM Software

  • youGROW™ runs directly within Outlook – no jumping in and out of another software system.  Stay within the familiar interface you have open all day every day.
  • youGROW™  "talks" to your existing MYOB, Retail Manager or Ostendo data.

No Re-keying – ONE database

You have a lot of information about your customers already:

  • Their contact details
  • Their Sales History
  • Any custom fields you may be using in MYOB, Retail Manager or Ostendo to differentiate your customer

Why should you have to re-key any information?

We hate re-keying

  • Use our youGROW™ software to see and communicate with customers by a myriad of options:
    • When they first bought (How do you acknowledge your new customers?)
    • When they last bought. Can you see at a glance which customers haven’t bought from you in 6 months? 12 months? 2 years? Or any time frame. If someone hasn’t bought from you for a long time, you should communicate differently with them than with your more regular customers
    • By personalised email, SMS or letter, depending on the need, and what contact information you have
    • How many times they have bought
    • Which salesperson is responsible
    • How much they owe
    • Which products or types of products they have or have not bought
    • How much they spend
  • Use youGROW™ software to manage your sales team and their opportunities. See what they are up to, and know what you have in the Pipeline

Outlook Coaching

Of the estimated 1.2 billion users of Microsoft Office, a large percentage ONLY use Outlook to send and receive emails, and yet Outlook is one of the most powerful business tools used by business.

It can almost run your entire business particularly in 4 key areas

  • Contact Management: For just you or your team. How many databases for contacts exist within your company by you and your employees? You can keep and manage them all within Outlook, with so much flexibility – and share with whom you want.
  • Task Management: So very powerful with both Tasks and To Do. Do you know the difference and when to use these 2 types of tasks? Do you know how to report on your tasks, and those of your staff?
  • Calendar: Share with your team, see different types of appointments, report on your appointments, have your mobile remind you 15 minutes before you need to leave taking into account current traffic conditions – and more.
  • Email: So much more than just folders to store your email. Templates for workflow, standard emails and attachments, drag and drop, flag reminders –everything you need at your fingertips – when you know how

youGROW™ Sales Pipleine for Outlook

  • Using our award winning custom forms from our youGROW™ CRM software, you can track your opportunities, reminders, notes. Everything you need within Outlook to ensure you never miss a sale due to lack of follow up.


Using your own, and shared, Outlook contact folders with Mobile phones