Spring Seed Wines

We have been using youGROW at Battle of Bosworth to manage our direct to customer sales since 2012 – we use MYOB to record invoices. In that time with Cathy’s help not only has she tidied up the utter mess that was our database but using YG has increased our direct sales tenfold from when we first started using it, to now.

Our customers actually talk with us – they love hearing from us because of the way in which the emails are incredibly personalised and SMS messages – even though we might be sending out a few thousand emails, the way in which they’re delivered and written, our customers really think we have written directly to them.

We get people in cellar door all the time asking for me, as if they know me. It has certainly tested my memory! We also notice from sales data how many of our mailing list members come to cellar door, year in and year out, and I put this down to the level of communication which I achieve through YouGrow.

I had very little experience in DTC marketing previously and so Cathy’s extremely patient (and fun) training in both how to use the software, and in CRM strategies – has been invaluable and very much appreciated. Nothing is too much trouble, and she is always there to jump onto my computer and resolve any issues or make suggestions as to how I can improve campaigns.

We have utilised Cathy’s expertise to help set up and manage our new Wine Club – she’s written our manuals, worked her way through eWay, tested and made suggestions on our website.  I would never in a million years have done this, especially the testing which is fairly tedious and not particularly rewarding work, but it has to be done.

She has also been instrumental in keeping my web designer motivated and fairly on schedule, too, not technically within the remit of a DTC expert! We now have a small but growing wine club, which is so exciting.

My direct sales would be nowhere near what they are without Cathy’s invaluable help and expertise. I can’t recommend Cathy and YouGrow highly enough.

Louise Hemsley-Smith


Battle of Bosworth and Spring Seed Wines, McLaren Vale.

Arrow Scientific

CRM is the main road to connecting with clients. Cathy has been brilliant in helping us grow our business by providing a great product and, more importantly, service beyond anything others would not even try.

Louis Petrin

Managing Director – Arrow Scientific Pty Ltd – 28 years in business

Senor Tech

“Senortech has used youGROW now for 4 years- we could not do without it.

It gives our sales and accounts team the ability to record our conversations and followups with our customers, and ensures our team never miss a sale due to lack of follow up. It also gives me and our Sales Manager, the ability to monitor the  team’s activities with prospecting and all customer contact.

We invoice our customers in Ostendo – youGROW synchronises all our existing customer and sales activity to Microsoft Outlook automatically – no rekeying, and only one database.

In addition to being a great product, Cathy from youGROW has been great from day one in coaching the team; implementing the system into our server, and following through with updates to her software, or changes in our infrastructure – such a moving from On Premise to Hosted Exchange. We don’t have to follow Cathy up – she chases us up – youGROW’s support is superb.”

Mao sheng Chiu, Managing Director, Senor Tech

Queensland Organics

I just wanted to let you know how we are going with the You Grow Software now that we have been using it for almost 7 years.

I had a new sales representative start a couple of months ago. He was very much a diary and spreadsheet man and sceptical of Yougrow. Then last week when he was in the office he commented on how amazing YouGrow is. His points were:

  • How fantastic it is to have a constantly updated data base of MYOB customers and their sales history in Outlook
  • The date stamped notes provide an excellent record of sales contact details, especially for a new rep visiting existing customers
  • The ability to sort at the click of a button and your great idea of using Categories to drill down into details for individual contacts

As a business owner, I love that YouGrow provides a central database for all sales contacts and the continuity if there are staff changes. As YouGrow runs in Outlook it is very easy to keep the database up to date while out in the field. We are just starting to use the Sales Pipeline and it provides a great tool for keeping focused on quotes in the system.

Another great feature is the ability to use YouGrow for marketing and sending out Customer information via personalised emails or SMS.

You also give the very best support of any software company that I have ever dealt with. I am truly amazed at how quickly you always respond to questions that I have and you take full ownership in working through any solutions.

The YouGrow Software is very stable and upgrades work smoothly. Even if there are any issues, you are always onto a solution straight away. Your wonderful service is what any company should strive towards.

YouGrow is our most valuable extension as a CRM tool for MYOB.

Please feel free to provide my details to any potential clients who might like to discuss the benefits of YouGrow.

Once again, thank you for the great tool that YouGrow is and for your never ending support.

Neil Petersen, Director Sales and Marketing, Queensland Organics

Pascall Promotions

Once again thank you for your awesome, recent customer service and assistance in resolving some issues. As you know, I’ve been using youGROW since July 2008. I can’t imagine being without it – every business using MYOB (Classic) needs to know about this. I spent a long time searching for my CRM solution and YouGrow ticked all the boxes and some. Back in 2008 when email blasts were a "new thing", we felt we were ahead of our opposition. On our very first email to our client base using YouGrow we had a fantastic response and in fact the profit made on sales from that first email alone paid for YouGrow x 2. Very exciting times and to this day we still love using the YouGrow product as it has a very personal feeling when dealing with our client base having being able to fully personalise individual emails.

Having the ability to set up filters and  template email letters to go out to my client base is amazingly efficient and super easy. With just a few mouse clicks customised emails are sent out to specific groups or all clients depending on the type of letter being sent.

Your insight into database management is invaluable and your guidance as to the most efficient method to clean up and manage my database has been fantastic.

However, the big win for me recently was that you worked out how to embed a working Excel Spreadsheet into an Outlook task. It allows me to semi-automate the setup for my production schedules for orders that I manage in Outlook. The time saved is between 50% and 65% in the setup and management of an order in my system. A massive saving. Plus eliminating the default Outlook Security prompt fix is great as it was a nuisance

Once again many thanks for all your help

Paul Pascall, Pascall Promotions

Corporate Air

“We had YouGrow install their CRM system in our business, and it has achieved the results we wanted. The installation and backup has been superb. The system works as required and the Yougrow team have stood behind the product every step of the way.”

Rob Boyes, Corporate Air