Core Values

There are some core beliefs which govern and direct everything we do for our clients:

  • We focus on what you and your business need. We don’t try and make you fit what we offer – we tailor what we offer around your needs - not ours.
  • We have demonstrated over many years, that by running your key business and CRM needs within Outlook, we increase the take-up of what we teach by you and your staff.
  • We follow through with you, your needs, and your team. We build trust through our commitment, quality, and follow through to become one of your team.
  • We won’t sell you what you don’t need. We have been around the CRM field for 30 years and have worked with many CRM systems. Our products are amazing for a small section of the market. If we think your needs are more suited to another product, we will tell you. We want our clients for a long time, and our reputation is precious to us.
  • We get excited about spending hours and hours working out a particular feature in Outlook or our CRM, or a new trend, which meets a need for a client.  We do our research and testing – then we share our new knowledge with you.
  • We believe CRM is not about software. CRM is about customers – people. People who buy from a business are giving their trust to a business – they will respond when treated with respect.  They will buy more, and they will tell their colleagues, family or friends about your business. CRM software is merely a tool, to make it easier for you to treat your customers as individuals, and with respect.