The objective of software training, is to ensure the person being trained understands how to use the software. People have different levels of learning and different needs within their day to day work.

We are NOT convinced that generic classroom based training, or generic training videos and course notes with a set curriculum, achieve the best individual results.

youGROW™'s Ethos around Training

  • We train with your computer, your data, in your environment.
  • We tailor our training to suit what you need to know to achieve your objectives. The owner of the business will have different needs to the Sales Manager – and the sales reps will have different needs again. We have been training businesses for 30 years. We know the basics of what you need to know and we recognise that each business has its way of doing things. We train on what you need.
  • We call you, on a mobile or landline, and log on to your computer. We show you how to do something a few times and then we ask you for details of what you have on your plate right now. Then watch you enter the information/instructions and creating a real instance of what you need.
  • We send through Training Notes and a Training Checklist to complete.
  • We encourage people to email or call if they have a problem.
  • We log on and show you how to do what you need to do. If unsure of what to do we encourage you to contact us immediately, rather than trying to work something out for yourself and becoming frustrated and then not using it. We are here to help.
  • We check in throughout the year to see how you are going.
  • We regularly send out tips on both features and strategies.
  • We can train online in a group, or individually.

We can run training onsite. The increased costs of travel, time and accommodation, obviously need to be weighed against the increased benefits. Many of our client we have not met face to face, however the relationship evolves in such a way that we get to know each other well and become part of the team.

It is near impossible to pass on all the knowledge we have acquired over a lifetime in a set number of hours however we do know the pitfalls and we know the important things you need to make your training investment work for you.