Our Trusted Partners

We could not do what we do, and support our clients, without the assistance of some very special people. One of the things we have learnt in our journey, is that no one person can be an expert on everything we cover – we have sourced people and companies who are the very best at what they do, and have specialised knowledge we trust, in their field. If we don’t know something, we know who to contact.

Diane Poremsky - Outlook Guru

Diane Poremsky - World Guru on Outlook

Yes, it’s a big claim, and not one we make lightly. We have utilised Diane’s knowledge and experience with all things Outlook since 2004.  We have so many examples where Diane has been invaluable. We know what Outlook is capable of doing, but the means to do it are sometimes not easy to find. For example, we spent time Microsoft support recently, had them logged on to our computer for 8 hours. Even after escalating the issue, they advised us eventually that what we wanted to do, “could not be done, and was a limitation of Outlook”. We asked Diane – she resolved it in 15 minutes.

Diane has been Involved in Office and Windows technology and development for more than 15 years and an MVP since 1999, Diane owns CDO Live and Slipstick Systems, a consulting firm which specializes in helping small businesses make the most of Office and Windows applications. In addition to her consulting business, she provides assistance to users and developers through the websites she operates: slipstick.com, outlook-tips.net, and outlookforums.com.

She is the author of numerous books and magazine articles, her latest book is Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginner's Guide. Diane publishes Exchange Messaging Outlook for Slipstick.com, a weekly newsletter covering Outlook and Exchange issues.

Stuart Donaldson - Retail Manager Guru

Donaldsons IT

MYOB’s Point of Sale system – Retail Manager – has been around for a while. It’s stable, robust, and one of POS systems we have seen for easily capturing a sale against a customer. It can have some limitations for those who have been using it for a while – that’s where Stuart comes in. He develops solutions for Retail Manager to overcome those limitations – anything from a synchronised web store which interfaces with RM, to customising docket printouts, to removing making customers who haven’t bought for a period of time inactive in bulk – and so much more.

If you want Retail Manager to do something more, then Stuart is the man you need to talk with. We have used his expertise many times over the years to refer clients to him.

IT Support - Mark Abraham and the team at Crackerjack IT

Crackerjack IT

Mark and his team have managed our IT needs since 2010. We wouldn't go anywhere else. We had been looking for a good IT firm for some years, and tried a few. Most were either far too expensive - and didn't even deliver the right service - or didn't know enough about what they were doing, or didn't follow through.

Even when we moved the business interstate, we have still stayed with Mark and Crackerjack – they can easily log on remotely and fix anything we need.

Mark and his team are so very different - they support what they do, they understand it, and they follow through. They are also different from the average IT firm, in that they don't try and bamboozle you with IT terms - they explain things in a way which anyone can understand, and they just simply fix your issues. we cannot recommend them highly enough, and have referred them to many of our clients.

Paul McIntrye and the team at Secure-ISS


We changed our On Premise Exchange Server to Secure’s Hosted Exchange service in 2013 and have never looked back – one of the best business decisions we have ever made. Paul and his team offer a wide variety of Cloud services, from Exchange, to Hosted MYOB, to Private VPNs, to Hosted SharePoint, AWS, Azure and SoftLayer Cloud and so very much more.

We have recommended Paul and Secure-ISS to many clients over the years – the response is always the same. “Both their service and their support are unbelievable”. They offer so much more that other hosted services – they back up what they do, and they follow through with 24/7 support.  We value and trust our relationship with Paul and his team – they have earned our trust many times over.

Paul Pascall

Website solutions for small business

Modern, clean designs that run fast using the latest website building tools. Designed and built ready for Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords and Social Media Marketing.

A simple philosophy of pooling specific experts in the various required fields to produce great website solutions for small business. Paul works very closely with  Nicole Pettit, Graphic artist from initial website design look and feel, to the actual website build. Also offering hosting, SEO optimisation, Marketing and ad campaigns.

Webfield can put this all together for you in a simple easy to understand way.

Paul, a systems analysist / progammer in the ‘80’s,  has been a client of our youGROW CRM software for MYOB since 2008. He has run a very successful Corporate Gifts, Promotional Products, Awards and Incentives company which commenced trading in 1979 (Paul started in the family business in 1984) and is now called Pascall Promotions.

As his needs for displaying an ever increasing range of products on his website grew, he designed and built his own site in 1998 which has been upgraded over time to be still in use today. www.pascallpromotions.com.au. This site, due to changes in the market place, will be replaced in the next few months.

Due to an unfortunate accident, Paul’s programming buddy David passed away a number of years ago. Since then Paul has re-trained to build websites using the latest tools and to be up to date with what and how everything needs to be done in an ever changing technical field. As many  referrals and persistent clients requests, Paul is now producing websites commercially working closely with Nicole.

Paul became so sick of our old website, built at an absolutely RIDICULOUS cost years ago, he offered to design and build YouGrow’s website and we are very happy with the results.

Paul shares a similar philosophy: Why reinvent the wheel and spend thousands of dollars on new development, when there are tools out there which already do what you need. We love working with Paul and his talented graphic artist, Nicole.

Webfield Solutions


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