Outlook Coaching

The Power of Outlook

There is so much Outlook can do to make running your business easier for you and your staff. Sure, you could send everyone off to a structured training class with a pre-set and inflexible lesson structure. However will the training be relevant?

Without any, or limited knowledge of Outlook, it will be difficult for you to know what you need to learn?

Will the training be relevant and meet with your business needs and expectations?

On a daily basis for 25 years Cathy has worked with youGROW™, which is heavily integrated with Outlook, and Outlook itself. This included continual training of clients on how to efficiently utilise Outlook as a powerful tool to manage many business tasks and incorporating youGROW™ CRM

We offer our training from a different, personalised perspective.

  • We spend 1-2 hours with you to find out your business needs and bottlenecks, and your current usage of Outlook
  • We then structure our training to give you what you need using your computer, your systems and your data
  • We then follow through with training notes and check-ups to ensure you are getting the most of Outlook

The Key areas of Outlook include:

  • Inbox
  • Contacts/People
  • Tasks
  • Calendar

Every business has a need to manage these 4 areas to operate efficiently:

  • Inbox / Communication: So much of our business communication revolves around emails these days. Your Inbox/Sent Items are critical.
  • Contacts / People: Without people to sell to you would not have a business. In addition to customers, you may also have:
    • Suppliers
    • Media Contacts
    • Other key contacts who may not directly buy from us but who may recommend our services, for example:
      • Specifiers
      • Restaurants
      • Tourism Organisations
      • Membership Organisations
      • Employees
      • Shareholders
      • .......... and many more.
  • Tasks: It’s all about managing the things we need to do in business.
  • Calendar: Whether meeting with customers, suppliers, staff or anyone, online or face-to-face, you need to know what your movements and commitments are.

Microsoft Outlook can help in all of these areas, and in so many different ways.

Following are just a few of the things Outlook does, out of the box, which can make your life easier.  We offer one-on-one training to teach you just what you need to know, on your computer and to focus on your specific needs.

Do you have a need to?

  • Manage staff feedback, and automatically track and tally responses easily and clearly
  • Send the same types of emails, with or without attachments, to individuals from time to time? for example:
    • Managing new customers
    • Credit applications
    • New product information
    • User instructions/procedures
  • Ability to share this information with your team to standardise what they send to people
    • Make it easy for the team to send what they need to
    • No holding up of sales or communication because people have to find what they need.
  • File emails, create tasks, and appointments from an incoming email automatically, or as you need
  • Use Tasks and Flags to remind you of things which need to be done (yes, they are different). You may need to share tasks with your staff/team and see where they are positioned with them
  • Send personally addressed emails to specific groups of people, or create letters, name tags, attendance lists, or SMS messages)
  • Create personalised proposals complete with sign offs and specific info with a mere few clicks of a button
  • Easily group, view and manage different types of contacts in one or more groups, with one mouse click if needed
  • Easily and quickly search your Inbox for emails based on any criteria. Narrow your search specifically to what you want
  • Create appointments without looking up dates. Easily manage and see different time zones from an incoming email from a contact
  • Create Custom Views of what you want to see in Contacts, Tasks or Calendar
  • Access the things you regularly do in Outlook with One-Click, including external websites
  • Share Outlook Information with Your Team, at different levels
  • Automatically flag, file and alert on specific types of new emails. Highlight particular emails, contacts or tasks automatically in a different font and colour
  • Share an Outlook contact easily with someone externally, if you need to introduce people
  • Export Outlook Information in virtually any format
  • Save time by using shortcuts to access regular Outlook items
  • Synchronise Information with your mobile device (you hate re-keying!)

Microsoft Outlook can do ALL of the above – and more!