F: youGROW™ Synchronises all of your active customer contact and sales information into custom forms within an Outlook Contact folder

B: No Re-keying of data – enter information once, and it will flow through to your youGROW™ CRM.

youGROW™ gives you untold flexibility in filtering and segmenting your customers

As you already have customers and sales in MYOB, Retail Manager or Ostendo, you start your youGROW™ CRM journey immediately with real data – your data.

F: youGROW™ lets you see your new customers last week (or any time frame) with one click

B:  How many once only customers does your business have? Recognising new customers is a critical step in building a relationship where they will buy from you again – youGROW™ makes this unbelievably easy

F: youGROW™ allows you to see who your  best customers are by Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM)

B: You have 2 customers who have spent $25,000 with you. One hasn’t bought for 2 years and bought 3 times. The other bought last months and has bought 7 times. Now you can see at a glance with youGROW™, which is the more active customer and direct your sales efforts accordingly

F: youGROW™ enables you to easily group your customers by any of the custom lists and fields in MYOB, Retail Manager or Ostendo

B: Target your communications to customers about things which are actually relevant to them instead of the one size fits all email approach – your sales will improve

F: youGROW™ enables you to see your Sales Pipeline – and that of your team – at a glance.

B: Manage your team with real data, know what they’re up to, and know how to direct their efforts to achieve the best results

F: youGROW™ lets you see customers by what they have or haven’t bought

B: Easily target your sales efforts to those who are most likely to buy your particular offer

F: youGROW™ lets you see who hasn’t bought from you for a period of time – any period you want

B: Create a targeted approach to win back customers before they leave.

F: youGROW™ alloes you to manage your bounced emails by sending a personalised SMS to request an updated email

B: With response rates of up to 40%, you can keep communicating with customers who still want to hear from you

F: youGROW™ enables you to better manage your outstanding accounts by sending a personalised email asking if anything is wrong to cause the delay

B: Improved cash flow through faster account payment – people respond better than just receiving a statement which they can ignore

F: youGROW™ enables you to Synch data to your mobile phone. Even be prompted that you have to leave in 15 minutes to get to your appointment on time – taking current traffic conditions into account

B: With Exchange and mobile synch, you can have all you need directly in your mobile

F: youGROW™ allows you to manage multiple contacts from within the same organisation – and still see the sales data for all Linked Contacts

B: The contact information in MYOB or Ostendo may be the account contact, but you might be dealing with the MD, Marketing Manager, or other branches. You can still see all the relevant sales data for your additional account contacts

F: youGROW™ makes you never forget a follow up with automated pre-filled tasks

B: You won’t lose a sale because someone forgot, your reminders will pop up automatically.

F: youGROW™ alows yo to manage all this data in ONE DATABASE with an unlimited methodology of being able to see your customers and prospects with your own personalised, custom filtered views

B: See just the customers you want to see with one mouse click. View your customers your way.

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