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youGROW™ is a unique Customer Relationship Management solution that synchronises client contact and sales information between MYOB Accounting, MYOB RetailManager, EzyWine, or QuickBooks - and  Microsoft Outlook.  If your business uses any of these systems as your accounting or Point of Sale programme, then youGROW™ is the only product available to allow you to conduct highly targeted and personalised CRM campaigns, without the need to maintain a separate database, or other CRM system. It takes the information you already have entered in your POS or accounting system, and synchronises this directly to customised Microsoft Outlook Contact forms.

So what the Heck is CRM?

CRM "officially" stands for, Customer Relationship Marketing, a much maligned term.  All CRM means, is "communicating with your customers", or the acronym we prefer is, "Customers Really Matter"!

If you believe that communicating with your customers on a one-to-one basis, will bring you more business, and if you are prepared to invest in some tools to make this objective easier, then you have reached the right site.  We have 2 beliefs which underpin everything we do:

1. If you communicate with your customers, acknowledge them in a meaningful and relevant manner, you will win more business.

2. If you have an existing point of sale system where you are entering both customer contact and transaction data, you should NEVER have to re-enter this data.

Our software is clever, but it is only ever a business tool to make it easier to communicate with your customers.  If you believe that your business exists only because you have customers, and if they have the ability to buy from you again, then our software provides you with the easy tools to give you the best opportunity to win their repeat business. 

And, this will probably only take you around 5 minutes each week!

We look forward to working with you to achieve your business aims.

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What our users say

"I've just run my second mail distribution using the information I can now access through yougrow. I'm entirely satisfied with the result! I no longer have to worry each month about extracting the correct mailing list information or needing to manually arrange the information to communicate effectively. This is such a wonderful, simple and straightforward program, I'm glad I found it. It has been frustrating not being able to access the information in MYOB - I know what I need - I know what's in MYOB - because I put it in there myself - but now I can access it quickly, and easily. I've saved hours of tedious data re-entry; hours of comparing cumbersome excel spreadsheets each month; hours of manipulating data by hand in order to sort the information into a format that useful. Thanks to yougrow, the information is literally available to me after a handful of mouse-clicks! Not only is the program a seamless combination of power and simplicity, but the installation and training to get me up to speed was invaluable. I really appreciated Dail who helped me onsite customize yougrow for my specific needs, and then went the extra mile and gave me some powerful extra tips to exponentially increase the usefulness of the entire process. yougrow... youneed!!! Benjamin EvansParramatta NSW"

Your free 2 minute Business CRM Check

Download this Simple Excel Spreadsheet to find out how much you have spent on acquiring your existing customers, what they could be worth to you, and our 8 Step CRM Check!  Do you know how much it has cost your business to gain each of your customers?  Do you know what they are potentially worth to you? Do you pass the CRM 8 Step Check?

Open this simple Excel spreadsheet to find out!